On my list of subjects to cover at the Diner, eggs have been a story I just have not made it to until now.

Us city folk who don’t have the luxury of having our own chickens usually buy eggs from the grocery store. We tend to select large eggs that are good for a few weeks and plan menus around the expiration date (okay, maybe that’s just me!)

About five years ago, HH had the opportunity to get farm fresh eggs every few weeks from someone at work. They were Hilliker Ranch eggs, and they were delicious! HH would get a flat, a dozen and a half, for $1.50. And I knew the rancher, Harold, from years before! So it was great to get superior eggs at a spectacular price and support a local farmer we knew.

The eggs were large, but they seemed extra large compared to what is in the grocery store. The eggs were as fresh as us city slickers could get, candled just the day before. The eggs were delicious with firm colorful yolks that put most store-bought eggs to shame!

A few years ago the “egg supplier” at HH’s work retired, and so our direct access to Hilliker’s eggs was gone. I knew Hilliker’s eggs were available at the local health food store, so I started buying them there whenever I was at that market. Although the eggs were certainly more expensive at Henry’s Market then buying them through a direct source, I knew we were getting a great product and supporting a local family farm so it was okay.

I saw Harold about a month ago and got to chat with him for the first time in a long time, he hadn’t changed much.

On July 31 I got word that Harold had died suddenly, after hitting his head the day before. I was shocked, saddened and reminiscent.

Although I’m not getting the farm fresh eggs regularly any more, I know that every time I see the eggs at Henry’s I will think of Harold.

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