Diner Drivin' Part 2

It’s another road trip with HH, this time to San Jose and Sacramento for stops along Guy Fieri’s Triple D “highway”.

Right after breakfast we stopped at Falafel Drive-In in San Jose. Although we were definitely not ready for a falafel burger, we were up for the much anticipated banana shakes. They were good, and we crossed another destination off our list.

By the afternoon, we were in Sacramento at the place we first stopped at two years ago, but left after seeing the unbelievable line! Today we stopped – at the Squeeze Inn.

We arrived at the Squeeze Inn at about 2 PM, missing both the lunch crowd and dinner crowd, and still waited about 15 – 20 minutes. The place was tiny! There were not more than ten stools at the counter and that’s it (officially, 11 stools). There were a few tables outside, but you had to order inside and the young, hip servers brought you your grub (it’s definitely a “grub”-kind-of-place) out the back door.

HH and I had the long anticipated Squeeze Burger with cheese and a steak taco. HH and I shared the two, and started with the taco. Oh My Gosh! That was the best taco I have had at a restaurant in…forever! It was amazing! The shell was fried up with cheese melted right on the shell. The chopped steak with lettuce, tomatoes and onions placed inside (mostly) the cheesy shell, all served in a paper boat with a plastic fork. We both thought it was a great taco, and well worth the wait.

Next, we shared the “Squeeze with Cheese.” We cut it in half, with the cheese hanging out one side all crisp and melted. The cheese actually starts off as shredded cheddar, is placed on top of the cooked hamburger patty then the bun on that then crushed ice around the shredded cheddar then a lid on the whole thing on the grill. The ice keeps the shredded cheddar together and it forms a “skirt” as it melts.

As I was cutting the Squeeze with Cheese, HH noticed the dreaded pickles hanging out the back (I didn’t ask for the Squeeze with Cheese sans pickles, because I wanted it authentic all the way.) I pulled out the long pickle slices, tucked the cheese skirt in, and paused to figure out my strategy. The only option – attack! The Squeeze with Cheese was so good!

The two year wait was definitely worth it!

By the way, I heard the servers talking to some other customers out back that they were moving in a few months just down the street – more room, more parking, air conditioning (a plus in Sacramento in August!) I’m glad we made the pilgrimage back after two year, and got in at the original location – half the quaintness of this place IS the squeeze!


  1. The Falafel Drive In is one of our Favorites!!!

  2. How were the falafel burgers? They looked great!