Diner Dog

A new verified favorite on the menu – the Diner Dog.

Here’s how to make it:

-Heat up some butter in a pan
-Slice hot dogs down middle, length wise, almost all the way through, but not quite
-Place hot dogs face down in bubbling butter on a medium heat until browned, and turn over doing the same
-Prepare bun by putting ketchup and a little mustard, spread around on bun
-Take a slice of American cheese and cut in half, placing length wise on bun
-Remove hot dog from pan, and place in bun up against the cheese, allowing the cheese to melt a bit
-Sprinkled chopped, diced, raw white onions over the top

What’s your favorite way to dress a dog?


  1. MAYO! Yes Mayo, my HH thinks I am crazy! he is a mustard man but mayo-chesse & onions makes the perfect dog for me.

  2. HH loves mayo on his too! Mayo and onions are the perfect dog for him.