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Can you believe it?! It’s been four weeks since the last post to Holly’s Diner! The busiest time of year just past, and many of you have been very understanding since Father’s Day (it’s actually quite astonishing that there were five posts in June!), but I’m hearing rumblings (or it is growling bellies) for more stuff from the Diner.

Well, its summer time, and quite honesty there is not a lot of cooking that actually takes place during the summer. I try very hard to keep the oven OFF, even in Southern California. So let’s focus on what IS happening – TOMATOES!!

The tomato plants that were planted in the garden of the Diner in March are producing in great abundance. There are more tomatoes than I can serve! Even our best server, Miss Audrey Rose, can’t keep up with the bumper crop and she’s on roller skates!

So here’s what’s on the menu these days:

BLTAs (that’s “A” for avocado)
Fried egg sandwiches with lettuce and tomato (and bacon for HH!)
Homemade salsa
Homemade guacamole
BBQed burgers with wonderful thick slices of tomatoes
Tomato sandwiches – just fresh whole wheat bread, Best Foods Mayo, lots of tomato and a little pepper (okay, a lot of pepper!)
Scrambled omelets with sautéed tomatoes and onions
Homemade tacos (coming soon!)

And there are STILL so many tomatoes we are giving them away! I think I’m going to try blanching them and freezing them for Fall when I make Art’s Special Sauce again, and try with some home grown tomatoes – I’ll let you know how that turns out.

It’s off to another festival next week, so stay tuned for more Fairs, Festivals and Food Frivolity very soon….

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