Bevilacqua's Bistro

Last week I was on the road visiting, eating, etc. One of my stops was a wonderful little place that exists in the same format that Holly’s Diner exists, and it was wonderful!

I visited Bevilacqua’s Bistro for the first time last year when I was at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, but I was just getting over a mild case of food poisoning so it was a bit difficult to enjoy everything on the menu. This year was a different story – this year I ate it all!

We started out with champagne and a champagne cheese on the patio, both of which were wonderful! Then we moved into the dining room for grilled bacon-wrapped hand-cut filets of beef, roasted potato fingerings with rosemary, an amazing rustic tossed salad, warm crusty country bread with a soft pillow-y center (with lots of butter, of course!), roasted artichokes and a specially selected red wine from the wine cellar (I got a tour!)

As my table of six enjoyed the meal - enjoyed the conversation and enjoyed the breeze - I did not initially confess my lack of skills in eating an artichoke. I have never actually eating the “meat” off the leaves before, or the heart in that form. So I followed suit of the others at the table dabbing the leaves in mayonnaise and scraping them with my teeth, but somehow everyone finished their hearts before I did and I had no idea how to tackle the heart! Patiently I watched and waited and hope someone would have seconds. Thankfully the chief griller for the evening did, so I could mimic what to do.

As everyone finished dinner and asked how my meal was, I praised the chefs and confessed as to my first-time-ever eating an artichoke. Astonishment passed like “the wave” across the table! The artichoke was delicious.

Next it was time for dessert and the pastry chef presented his amazing creation. It was a layered sponge cake soaked in Grand Marnier (I think that’s what it was), with a creamy layer and topped with a chocolate Grenache. Three words – A May Zing!!! Apparently he had spent a few days getting it right, and it was incredible! You can see the photo above, along with the wine for the evening.

Next time you are in the neighborhood call ahead, there might be room at the table. I understand they even have a drive-through window for special guests! I give it - Four Stars

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