Slow at the Diner

It’s the time of year when Holly’s Diner takes the back burner, literally. There is so little going on at the Diner this time of year, it is pathetic! If the Diner is open at all, I’m serving the boring and mundane or reheating something from the freezer that you have already read about. Sorry for the disappointment.

The good news is that we are entering into the time of year that I call Fairs, Festivals and Food Frivolity! Delicious, decadent, not-so-good-for-you morsels that will make your mouth water and arteries clog – HH is going to love it!

So hang in there, bear with me for Daily Specials that may not be as frequent as you might like, but are just as sweet, savory and satisfying as ever!

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