Hot Dog on a Stick

Fairs Festivals and Food Frivolity continues, the next chapter – Hot Dog on a Stick. Please note - this is Hot Dog on a Stick, not to be confused with a corn dog.

A corn dog is sold by many different vendors at a fair and can be beef or foot long or on a wooden stick or paper one, dipped in corn meal, deep fried and most often sitting under a heat lamp in the vendor’s window to entice customers to purchase.

A Hot Dog on a Stick is sold by the vendors in the blue/red/yellow/white striped uniforms. The base is a turkey dog, on a paper stick and dipped in corn meal batter and deep-fried while you wait – so you will have to wait. What you are getting from Hot Dog on a Stick is a superior product 98% of the time – the other 2% of the time, the corn dog can only match, never exceed, the Hot Dog on a Stick. (This is my non-scientific research, by the way!) The paper stick makes a difference too. You don’t want a corn dog on a wooden stick because more often than not the wooden stick has a point on the end and as you eat the corn dog there is the possibility of biting into it – very unpleasant. The paper stick is blunt at the end and more forgiving when eating.

You can have a Hot Dog on a Stick by it’s self, but to get the full experience it is best to order a cheese stick and lemonade (I prefer cherry) with it. A little catsup and mustard on the side, and a few napkins and you are good to go!

For those of you unfamiliar with the proper technique when eating a Hot Dog on a Stick, I will be giving a lesson this Friday, June 19 at the Hot Dog on a Stick stand at the west end of the AgriFair (Wyland Center) at 2 PM - how to order, how to prep and how to savor and devour these delicious Fair delicacies. See you then!

For those of you who are know where I am this time of year, you know the land marks. For anyone else who would like to join and are not sure of the exact location, drop me a line in the Tip Jar and I’ll give you the details.

See you Friday!


  1. Since I can't be there can you test out the chocolate covered bacon for me :) maybe HH can test this one...I really miss the Fish Tacos on the Avenue they are one of my FAVS.

  2. This blog has done a great job in promoting my enthusiasm for hot dogs on a stick. I love the paper stick idea. That is absolutely revolutionary. Keep on the great work.
    Sincerely, Matt