Deep Fried S'mores

Yes, that’s right – Deep Fried S’mores. This is the first stop on the Fairs, Festivals and Food Frivolity trip this summer. I had one the other day at Chicken Charlie’s the other day, you remember Chicken Charlie from the Leftovers in October?

I wasn’t sure how this was going to be, or should I say taste. When I first saw the actual item being served, it looks like an over-sized cream puff – not my favorite. But it was there, it was new, and I had to give it a try. The Deep Fried S’more was placed in a paper boat, then chocolate syrup was drizzled over it and powdered sugar was sprinkled on top. It was handed to me with a plastic fork and, skeptically, away I went.

I tried to gently cut into it with the plastic fork, that wasn’t going to fly – more force was required. I cut through for my first bite feeling the hot marshmallow oozing stickily under the pressure, made sure that I had all the elements in the first fork-full – what a mess! But as the oohy gooey glob reached my taste buds I realized a S’more from my childhood (over the campfire, eager anticipation of the perfect golden brown toasted marshmallow gently melting the chocolate and warming the graham cracker) could be improved upon! Wow!

I thought the Deep Fried Snickers of a few years ago was a little slice of heaven, the Deep Fried S’more definitely equaled and perhaps surpassed the Snickers!

The fried batter was lightly crunchy, the marshmallow was perfectly gooey, the chocolate was melted to a thick, fudgy delight and the graham cracker was warm, supportive but not crunchy – that sensation was definitely set aside for the fried batter!

Charlie has done it again! Taken a favorite and improved on it with just a simple deep fried coating.

You go Charlie, you are the man!

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