The Perfect Crust

On my continuing quest for the perfect pizza crust, I tried a new recipe last night. As luck would have it, it was the best crust BY FAR to date, and NO ONE was at the Diner to share it - with not even HH!

This recipe came from the inaugural issue of the Food Network Magazine (October 2008) and was developed by Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. Although the Barefoot Contessa is not always my favorite, but I thought the recipe looked a bit better than what I had been following and was worth a try. Now there were a couple of dilemmas, the first was that it called for white flour only and I really wanted to do a whole wheat crust, but I thought I would try it. The second dilemma was that it took me about three reads through the recipe to finally find the oven temperature, and I never did find a cook time – so I went with 25 minutes with one turnoff the pizza at the mid point, from experience.

This recipe had a longer mix time than previous attempts, it required a bit of kneading, had white flour only (not by preferred wheat), and a higher cook temperature (500˚). After a bit of cooling, so I didn’t burn my mouth, the crust was cooked through. I didn’t have to pre-cook the crust before putting the toppings on and them cook some more, like I have had to do in the past. As I enjoyed the fruits of my labor, I got the crust and there was actually a bit of internal separation or “rise”! That had not happened in any previous attempts!

So next time you stop by the Diner, ask for the pizza if it is on the menu, I think this one is a “keeper!”

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