Fiesta Ware

Here at Holly’s Diner, we serve everything (on the indoors tables, anyway) on Fiesta Ware. I love all the Fiesta Ware – navy, chartreuse, sunflower, yellow, tangerine, white, black, plum, rose, red, grey, turquoise and light blue.

It all started with my Aunt Rose in 2000 and a summer trip to Vermont. On that trip, Aunt Rose went shopping one day and came back with plates and saucers in rose and chartreuse. As I recall, the colors were both on clearance because they were being discontinued. She gave the rose to me and the chartreuse to SS’s cousin Widge. I was very happy that, first, I now had some Fiesta Ware and, second, that I had the rose color from Aunt Rose - I knew she was a major collector - although, I really loved the chartreuse color. So a few days later when we went to town, I exchanged the rose saucers for the chartreuse. I carried all eight plates and eight saucers on the flight home, so they would not get broken or lost – no packing and shipping for me!

I got home with my rose colored plates and chartreuse colored saucers, and was on a quest to fill-in with a few other pieces in more colors. I decided to focus on one color for each additional piece – soup bowls in yellow, large bowls in navy, saucers in tangerine, etc. I found some pieces at department store sales, some pieces at Pic N’ Save (believe it or not!), some pieces at garage sales and a few presents along the way.

I don’t use the rose colored plates much anymore, simply because the food just looks better on the navy and chartreuse. But I love that those pieces are in the kitchen and remind me of my Aunt Rose every time I open the cupboard…and my sister-in-law when I look at the red butter dish I was dying for one Christmas, and my step-mom when I serve on the navy and chartreuse plates, and my SRF when I pull out the plum chili bowls from the cupboard.

Most of all, it just makes me so happy to open the cupboard and see all the colors, all the choices to plate the food on and present on the table.

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