Super Bowl Chow Down

Super Bowl Sunday is about a lot of things, football is only one of them. And, actually, I would say football comes in third on my list for Super Bowl Sunday – unless, of course, our beloved Chargers are in the game. Sadly, not this year.

So what is Super Bowl Sunday about at Holly’s Diner? Well, it’s like this:
1. The Commercials
2. The Food (especially, the chili)
3. The Football

Now, others may argue this list of priorities, but it’s my list and my diner so that’s how it is.

I’ve been thinking about the chili for a few weeks now. In the past I have made a Touchdown Chili with shaved chocolate and chilies in adobo sauce – it was so hot, HH won’t eat it and I worked my way through it tearing up with every bowl. Then there was a Buffalo Chicken Chili, which I thought was great, but HH didn’t consider it chili. Last year I “created” my own chili, combining a few recipes I liked and adding a bit – it was pretty good, not too hot, good beans and the right amount of beef.

This year, I want to try something new. I watched Sunny Anderson on the Food Network this past week and she made Interstate Chili with beef, chorizo and no beans. That’s what I tried yesterday.

I like a chili to cook for a few hours on Super Bowl Sunday, enjoying the smell of the fragrant savory spices filling the kitchen during all the pre-game stuff, and having the chili ready at about the start of the game. I like to turn down the heat and let it stay warm until I’m ready for it, usually around half time. After I’ve smelled the savory aromas all afternoon, I finally get to taste the hearty flavors in the early evening of January when it’s still just a little cool outside. Add some grated cheddar cheese, a healthy (as in BIG, not figure or heart friendly!) dollop of sour cream and you are good to go!

For some reason, HH does not get chili as the Super Bowl taste-of-the-day. I have even tried to point out to him when others concur in the week leading up to Super Bowl on TV or in print. But he continues to reject that school of thought. He is all about the wings, so he’s in charge of those. As far as I’m concerned, there is a whole lot of effort for very little reward when it comes to wings. But then keep in mind from the “Fried Chicken” entry that I don’t do skin. There really is little to be desired with chicken wings if you remove the skin, and there is so little meat that they are completely not worth my time!

Anyway, back to yesterday’s menu. We had club crackers with Rondele garlic & herb spread, homemade guacamole with freshly fried tortilla chips), chili, chicken wings, and HH made his World Famous Mac Salad on Saturday so it would be ready for game day. His Mac salad recipe is featured below.

So here’s how the Chow Down went:
Pre-game hoopla
Club crackers and Rondele
National Anthem
Opening Kick-off
Interstate Chili with grated cheddar cheese and sour cream (just me)
The cute Bridgestone commercial with Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head
Start of the Second Quarter
Chips and guacamole
The funny Pedigree commercial
The Budweiser “Daisy” commercial
Prep for a second bowl of chili with plans for Mac Salad in the fourth quarter
Start of the Third Quarter
Wings and Mac Salad (for HH)
The realization that I was done for the day
Start of the Fourth Quarter
The Hulu.com commercial with Alec Baldwin
Some deep thigh lungs to work off some of that chorizo, 50 of them to be exact
Lead back and forth, wondering if there would be the first OT
Steelers win their sixth Super Bowl

What a day! There are leftovers for a few more days, commercials to look forward to seeing again, and the open for a Chargers trip to the XLIV (I think that’s 44) Super Bowl starts today!

HH’s World Famous Mac Salad
(Editorial note: Self-proclaimed World Famous, but darn good none-the-less!)

8 oz. small elbow pasta
2 - 4 oz. cans tiny shrimp
1 - 4 oz. can black chopped olives
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup chopped bell pepper
1 cup chopped celery
Best Foods mayo (for exact amount, see below)
Dill weed
Garlic Salt
(Cut extra celery sticks to dip in Jif peanut butter for snack while prepping salad)

Mix shrimp, olives, celery, onion, bell pepper in large bowl with three big scoops (using a tablespoon) of Best Foods mayo. Add salt and pepper, dill weed and garlic salt to taste.

Cook pasta for ten minutes, drain, cool for a minute, and add to bowl with other ingredients. Add three more big scoops of Best Foods Mayo. Mix. Add salt, pepper, dill weed, garlic salt to taste. Cover.

Put in refrigerator. Let set at least four hours. Take out of refrigerator, taste and add a small amount of mayo (about one scoop), and place back in refrigerator for another hour – then it’s really ready. Always tasting along the whole time making it.

Have wife clean up her kitchen.

(I asked HH to write out the recipe for Holly’s Diner, and he really put that last line in! When I read it, I laughed so hard. Good thing he’s handsome!)

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