Homemade Tacos

One of my favorite things in the whole world is homemade tacos for dinner. I grew up with them, my step-Mom made them, and apparently my Grandmother made them before that – although I don’t really remember those. I would ask for them for my birthday dinner. They changed a bit when Daddy needed to start watching his cholesterol – from ground beef to ground turkey.

When I met HH, not only was he handsome, but he also made homemade tacos! What could be better than a man who can cook your favorite meal?! His version is a bit different than I grew up with, but very delicious in their own right.

Last night at Holly’s Diner, HH did the cooking and we had homemade tacos. I chop the onions, tomatoes, lettuce and grate the cheddar cheese. Also avocados, if they are on sale. I get out the green sauce for HH and the Pio Pico hot sauce for me. And sour cream if we have any. Then I sit and wait.

Then HH starts to heat the oil to fry the tortillas, cook the ground beef and season it with Worcestershire sauce, maybe some soy sauce, and some Monterey Steak Seasoning, then he starts the Rosarita refried beans heating in a small sauce pan next to the beef on the stove top.

Once the meat is cooked and ready, he turned the heat on low, and turns his attention to the hot oil for the tortillas. We like the Mission white corn tortillas, super sized. He starts turning tortillas into taco shells – extra crispy and crunchy for me – pulls them out of the oil, places them on some paper towels to absorb the excess and sprinkles them (inside and out) with parmesan cheese. When he’s done with the first few, he calls me and I start building my tacos – seasoned beef, grated cheese (the cheese needs to be on top of the meat so it will melt a little), onions, lettuce, tomatoes, Pio Pico hot sauce, avocados and sour cream (if we have them.) Then I get some beans and add some Pio Pico hot sauce, some onions and some grated cheese – mixing them together.

HH continues creating his taco shells while I’m assembling, and often does a few flat tortillas for crispy cheese quesadilla as an added bonus! By the time he’s ready to build his tacos, I’m out of his way and have moved to the table. He always says, “Start while they are warm.” But I just sort of move things around, mix the beans, taste them to make sure them have enough of everything, and eye my overflowing tacos waiting to be devoured! I wait for him to finish, then when he arrives at the table we begin – you can’t start without the cook!

The homemade tacos are crispy, crunchy, warm, layered, flavorful, savory and messy – just as they should be!

Delicious home cooked comfort food.

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