Girl Scout Cookies

One of my favorite times of year, and favorite causes to support, is the Girl Scout Cookie Drive. Some year’s I get lucky and a Girl Scout comes into the Diner to sell cookies, and other year’s I have patiently waited and watched for a local Girl Scout with none arriving at the Diner. One year I even had to call the local Girl Scout Council and asked them to please send a Girl Scout to the Diner to sell me cookies. The next day, a Girl Scout called and arrived at 10 minutes later.

What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, when I was in third grade I was the number three seller of Girl Scout Cookies in the county, it was something like 184 boxes at that time. I got to go to Camp Winnamuca, got a Girl Scout Green with white trim Camp Winnamuca t-shirt, and a pink and purple owl wind chime – that was well over 30 years ago, so you can see it quite made an impact.

So as an adult, I have always tried to support the Cookie Drive. The Girl Scout is required to tell me about each one, what if new, what they like - and it must be the Girl Scout, not her mom. The lucky girl who shows up at the Diner is rewarded with the sale of 10 – 14 boxes of cookies – Thin Mints, Tag-a-longs, Savannahs, etc.

I have always hoped for my “very own Girl Scout” and I found out a little late last year I had one! My sweet Miss Audrey Rose. I had already ordered cookies from one Girl Scout, when Miss Audrey showed up, so I ordered just two boxes from her.

This year, sweet Miss Audrey Rose showed up in the Diner to sell cookies, tell me about the new ones, what she liked and that there was an increase in price – which she apologized for, although not her fault. I placed my order for 12 boxes. And after great anticipation (on my part), and great effort on her part (well, my cousin’s, she had to ship the cookies 2,000 miles) this year’s Girl Scout Cookies have arrived!

I’m so excited to dig in to all the varieties; HH is starting without me, promising that he is just doing quality control along the way. The best part of the entire experience, of course, is talking with sweet Audrey Rose – my very own Girl Scout.

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