Beer Pancakes

If you stopped by Holly’s Diner this past Sunday morning, you would have been treated to the breakfast special of Beer Pancakes. Next time you are in the area on a weekend, belly up to the counter and see if we are offering them that day.

When I was young and our family went camping in the summer at Dinky Creek, I remember having Beer Pancakes. In the fresh mountain air on a cool summer morning, Beer Pancakes were a great way to start the day. So they have become a staple for the weekend breakfast crowd at Holly’ Diner.

How does one make Beer Pancakes, you ask? Easy! Take any box pancake mix (I like Krusteaz, here at the Diner), follow the directions and in place of water add a light beer. At the Diner, we use whatever beer was left over from the night before, this past weekend it was a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The beer makes the pancakes smell like the grains that are in the beer, and makes them lighter, fluffier. You don’t taste the beer if you use a light beer, so be sure to use something you like if you try it at home. If you use beer that has a little color to it, that color will show up in the pancakes, as well.

But don’t fear (or should I say “be disappointed”!), all of the alcohol cooks away as the pancakes are raising and firming up – so they are family-friendly! At breakfast yesterday morning, HH said, “You make really good pancakes.” High praise indeed.

Try Beer Pancakes next weekend, and let me know how they turned out.


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