"29¢ Bag of Potatoe Chips"

Last night some new visitors came to Holly’s Diner – Aunt Val and Uncle Larry (of Uncle Larry’s Frito Pork Roast fame). They sat at the counter; we chatted about the Diner, family and went where ever the conversation took us. The special on the menu last night happened to be Chicken and Rice.

I got this recipe about ten years ago when I was actively asking family and friends for their favorite recipes written in their own handwriting. This recipe came from my Mom, but it was actually a recipe I remember Nana fixing. What I have is a laminated copy of the original typed and handwritten recipe – my Mom wrote Nana’s name at the top, with all the years of use showing on the copy. Nana crossed through one ingredient (“one pint of Mayonnaise”), and added in her own additional instructions at the end (“When cooking chicken add onion & celery.)

When I actually look at the recipe card and everything on it, it tells me that it was typed in 1966 and given to Nana by her good friend, my Auntie Love – Aunt Val’s mom! What better item to feature at the Diner on the night of Aunt Val and Uncle Larry’s visit, than her mother’s recipe!

Although I have changed the recipe a bit and made it my own, my modifications are in ( ), the best part is still at the end of the ingredient list, it always makes me smile.

Thank you Nana.

Chicken and Rice Dish – Holly’s Diner style

1 cup of rice (cooked, of course)
1 cup celery (I am not a big fan, so I delete this)
4 large chicken breasts, cooked (3 is plenty these days, the chickens must be larger!)
1 can mushroom soup (I put in cream of broccoli soup instead of mushroom)
1 can chicken soup (cream of…)
1 pint of mayonnaise
½ cup chicken broth
½ grated onion (I always chop, I never saw anyone grate an onion)
Fresh mushrooms (I put in broccoli, I don’t like mushrooms)
Package of almonds (optional)
(And here’s the kicker…)
29¢ potatoe chips (!?) (I was really perplexed by this the first time! Use what you want, about a ¼ of an average size bag)

Layer of rice then chicken, mix celery and rest of onion with rice. Add potatoe chips and nuts; bake 45 min in 300 oven. When cooking chicken add onion and celery.

(That’s how “potatoe” was spelled, which also makes me smile. The recipe needs a bit more interpretation, cook the chicken, and cook the rice in the chicken broth. Combine the soups, vegetables and chicken in a sauce pan on the stove top to blend everything. Layer casserole dish with rice, then chicken mixture on top. Sprinkle with desired amount of crushed potato chips and almonds.

(By the way, the photo is sans potato chips this time, in case you were wondering.)

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