(Is it) An Historic Day

Today is a big day -- at Holly’s Diner especially. I will be fulfilling one of my new year’s resolutions today. I will be cooking and serving my Handsome Husband’s (HH’s) favorite dish – fried chicken. I have tried a number of times, reluctantly at first, since I have not wanted to fry anything at Holly’s Diner! (Not good for our heart health.) But he is always so excited when we visit his family, because his Mom or Sister will fix fried chicken. So it’s my turn to learn and perfect this item on my menu.

I have tried a double dip recipe. I have tried a pre-buttermilk-soak recipe, in a few ways. I have tried pan fried verses deep fried. I have tried my cast iron Dutch oven and my normal fry pans. Today it will be a more simple form. I watched HH’s sister at Christmas just drudge the chicken in flour, salt and pepper and viola! And my cousin sent me a 1980’s southern cookbook recently, with a simple recipe with flour, salt, pepper and Old Bay Seasoning. That’s what I’m trying today – in a pan fried method.

Part of my challenge with fried chicken is that I want some too, but I don’t eat the skin. Now, what is the point of fried chicken if you don’t eat the skin?! So I’m hoping that this simplified method will bring me more success with my skinless fried chicken as well HH’s favorite.

I’ll let you know tomorrow if this will become a regular special at Holly’s Diner.


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