Fish Fry

It was a rare fish fry at Holly’s Diner last night, and I didn’t even cook! The Great White Hunter (aka, My Handsome Husband or HH for short) went fishing yesterday and came home with two trout from a local lake! He caught them (obviously), cleaned them, prepped them (with butter, fresh rosemary from our garden, lemons from Uncle’s garden, and a little onion) and baked them! The fish was pretty good! I’m not sure I want it on the menu every week at the diner, but once or twice a year might be okay.

HH was really excited about his catch and fresh fish for dinner, and I was excited that I didn’t have to do any of the work! It was a win-win for all!

He made some pan-fried potatoes with onions and Old Bay Seasoning, which are always delicious when he makes that. So I just substituted a little extra potatoes for some of the fish on my plate.

Looks like he’s grilling hamburgers tomorrow night, I’ll keep you posted…

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