Emma Jean's

If you read yesterday’s entry, the answer is Emma Jean’s. Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café to be exact. My Handsome Husband (HH) and I were on our way home and decided to take a chance on it being open. It was a little before lunch, and with our bellies still comfortable from breakfast, we weren’t that hungry but decided to stop anyway. Emma Jean’s is a little cinderblock diner on Route 66 that was clearly a very frequented truck stop in its day, apparently it’s been around for 60 years – my Dad would have loved it.

Emma Jean’s is white and light green (just like my kitchen!) on the outside and spotless inside. And things look quite loved on the inside, like a childhood teddy bear, if you know what I mean. The place has a counter that looks like it seats about ten, and small tables all around the inside that would seat another 15 - if they are lucky! Besides the quaintness of it all, it’s the only waitress/cashier/hostess that clearly makes the joint. She looks to be in her late 20’s and is welcoming and sassy with a corkscrew-curls ponytail that bounces around as much as she does.

We were offered a seat, and said we just wanted something to go. When she had a second, the waitress/cashier/hostess took our order of a vanilla shake (that’s for me), a chocolate shake (that’s for HH) and fries (that’s to share). We mentioned we had stopped by on Sunday and they were closed. She said she has three kids and her kids actually like to spend time with her at least one day a week, and off she went to place the order.

Emma Jean’s serves breakfast and lunch Monday – Saturday. I couldn’t find hours or days posted to confirm this, but gathered from the menu that there’s no dinner served. I guess if you are a diner on Route 66 with not much around and just north of Victorville that you don’t need to post hours, your regulars know the hours and arrive accordingly, and out-of-towns will figure it out.

As we waited for our handmade shakes and fresh fried fries, an old Chevy truck (circa 1956) pulled up from the back to the side of the diner in the exact same colors of the diner – white with light green accents. Must have been the owners, HH said he saw someone go in the back of the restaurant and then hop back in the truck.

We got our snack; said good-bye to Emma Jean’s and headed down the road, sampling the best shakes we have had in a long time! The fast-food varieties just don’t hold a candle to handmade from scratch shakes.

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