The Big Fresno Fair

The Big Fresno Fair! Yes, that is really its name.

The Fair starts today, in California’s central valley. The west coast’s heartland of agriculture.
It’s exciting! It’s fun! It’s time for me to visit with friends, and eat. Some of us try not to eat junk everyday, and quite frankly, I just can’t eat fair food everyday any more – for a couple of reasons. Opening day of a Fair is always fresh and sparkling, exciting and hectic. I walk around and smell the food; it’s different at each Fair. There are some food vendors who travel the circuit, and there are always a few who are local and indigenous to that particular Fair. Here in Fresno it’s beerocks.

Now, I have never had beerocks, but like anything, everyone has their favorites. First of all, what are they? Beerocks are a German hamburger. They are a pasty stuffed with ground beef and cabbage, seasoned with pepper and a few other things. My friends who live here always make sure they have beerocks a few times from a certain vendor. For some reason, the desire for a beerocks has never struck me.

There are also the soft tacos. Not that Mexican food isn’t available around town and circuit vendors, but the soft tacos are a little different, a little “special” according to everyone around here. They are good, but I don’t know if they are that exciting.
Anyway, the things I look forward to at this Fair are the veggie “gyros,” Milo’s corn dogs and Country Fair Cinnamon rolls.

There’s also some food in the town of Fresno that I look forward to, and the barbeque/chili contests this weekend.

I hope one of those makes your taste buds salivate! I’ll keep you posted on the culinary adventures at the Big Fresno Fair!

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