Mandarin Orange Fudge

Last night I made a cake for my husband. Lemon, because it was what I had on hand not the chocolate he prefers – but he was happy to have cake! Anyway, before I frosted it I cut a small piece to try this Mandarin Orange Fudge my friend Joan sent me last Christmas. When I get unusual stuff like that I tend to save them (sometimes for too long) and treasure them, since I probably won’t have an opportunity to sample another like it. Anyway, back to the Mandarin Orange Fudge…

I heated up the fudge just a little and drizzled it over the cake. Oh My Gosh!! It was delicious! It was a bit citrusy, yet thick like a fudge, creamy on the warm cake, and I could taste the difference between the mandarin and lemon they complemented each other quite well! Okay, I have to confess - I put the fudge on ice cream the night before(this was my first sampling of the fudge), although it would tasted good, it got clumpy quickly on the cold ice cream so I knew I needed to try some warm cake soon. I think it would take really good on a warm pound cake – but I’m not cooking that and having it sit around with me all day any time soon! Perhaps on home-made sugar cookies during the holidays, mmmm. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

The Mandarin Orange Fudge is made by Caballero Confections in Lincoln, CA, it’s called Spoon Fudge – if anyone’s interested.

Try it, you’ll like it!

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