The Beginning

This all began after reading Julie and Julia. I just kept thinking about the food stories of my life, what was for dinner each night and the stories at the food festivals I go to. I started jointing down ideas, to make sure I had enough to get started, and I filled ten pages just like that! I guess I do have something to say!

So, anyway, back to Julie and Julia. I wondered if there was enough current information in Mastering the Art of French Cooking to warrant having it. I checked out a copy from the library and started to leaf through it. I learned enough before I ever got to the first recipe to confirm that I should have a copy in my library. So currently I am looking for a copy at yard sales on Saturday mornings, because the hunt is half the fun! The thought of rescuing someone’s MTAOFC and adding it to my collection seems like a better way to obtain a copy then to just buy a new “unseasoned” one.

I’m still looking.

In the meantime, I did write down the recipe for Julia’s potato and leek soup, which Julie exclaimed about. It was delicious! It will definitely be added to my fall/winter meal planning on a regular basis. And the way I get around serving a meatless dinner to my husband (he is getting much better about those after five years), is to serve the soup with crumbled bacon on the top. I tried with turkey bacon on my second attempt, and it would have worked - except he saw me cooking the bacon and it CLEARLY did not look the same as bacon bacon (you know what I mean)! We both enjoyed the hearty soup, and I’m looking forward to the weather cooling off enough to fix it again.

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